Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Now it is clear.

Alea | The Chronology and Links of Propagation of the Sub-Prime Shock across Structured Finance Markets

J.K. Rowling Speaks at Harvard Commencement : Harvard Magazine

Delivering a commencement address is a great responsibility; or so I thought until I cast my mind back to my own graduation. The commencement speaker that day was the distinguished British philosopher Baroness Mary Warnock. Reflecting on her speech has helped me enormously in writing this one, because it turns out that I can’t remember a single word she said. This liberating discovery enables me to proceed without any fear that I might inadvertently influence you to abandon promising careers in business, law or politics for the giddy delights of becoming a gay wizard.

You see? If all you remember in years to come is the ‘gay wizard’ joke, I’ve still come out ahead of Baroness Mary Warnock. Achievable goals: the first step towards personal improvement.

J.K. Rowling Speaks at Harvard Commencement : Harvard Magazine

El Erian's Portfolio

World Beta - Engineering Targeted Returns and Risk: When Markets Collide

Monday, June 02, 2008

Ron Isana

There have been at least seven crisis since we began in the business in 1984: '87 crash, '90 Japan bubble, '94 Asian Crisis, '97 Russia and LTCM, '00 Tech bubble, '01 9/11, '07 Credit. I wonder why all the bears think that it is different this time. Why is it different: not just Wall Street, not just financial markets, and leadership is not as good.

I do not think that it is different this time. Leadership often only tends to look go in hindsight.

There will always be bubbles.

Economist's View: "A Time of Unexampled Prosperity"

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Indefensible spending - No body is talking about this

Indefensible spending - Los Angeles Times

Al Gore

Al Gore spoke passionately and effectively about the state of the nation and global warming. Although he is a super delegate he feels that he has made the correct decision not to commit to either candidate. From his statements I would guess that he would like to support Obama but still has to remain loyal to Clinton.
Winning the election is vital. There must be a rollback of the unconstitutional and un American policies of this administration. Most important is to change the policy of torture.
Winning the post election politics will also be difficult. The right wing media and blogs will fight to keep the status quo. Concentration of corporate power is particularly noticeable in TV.
He is deeply involved in policy discussions, particularly involving energy. It was a bit disconcerting however that he used the quote that there 100 square miles of solar panels could supply US electrical demand, but did not have a guesstimate about the cost and how to build it.

Howard Dean says that the most effect thing that one can do to contribute to the campaign is to go door to door. Personal contact is most effective.